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Origin Story


Origin Story is a game about young people dealing with changes to their body that they didn't ask for and don't understand; who feel different to their peers and live in a world that doesn't want them; who must define the identity they want to be known by. Players play as teenagers or young adults living in the city of Citropolis, on an online support forum for young people with superpowers. People with superpowers, known as Sparks, are seen by many as dangerous and destabilising members of society – many Sparked people keep their powers secret, or live a double life. Teens often hide their sparks, ashamed, and find no support for dealing with a very different puberty. is a place for Sparked youth to find community and understanding. A space where they can unapologetically be themselves… and decide what that means to them. The game will focus on cooperation and community, with most of the plot being highly personal – characters working on the unique struggles that brought them to the forum.

Details and Format

Origin Story will be a text based game, consisting of Uptime on the Origin Story Discord, which represents the time your character spends on the forum, and Downtime, where you will submit a turnsheet telling the GM team what your character gets up to between sessions, and receive a write up from the GMs about how that turned out! In Origin Story, each Downtime will represent one month for the characters, and you will have one major action representing your key focus during that time.

The forum will be purely text based, with no audio or video components in uptime.

Out of character, the sessions will run fortnightly, starting on Tuesday 27th July, with an optional Character Creation session on Tuesday 20th July. Sessions will begin at 7:00pm (BST) and run for 3 hours. The table below shows when each session will occur:

Session Date
Character Creation Tuesday 20th July
Session 1 Tuesday 27th July
Session 2 Tuesday 10th August
Session 3 Tuesday 24th August
Session 4 Tuesday 7th September
Session 5 Tuesday 21st September
Session 6 Tuesday 5th October
Debrief Tuesday 19th October

Origin Story has a player cap of 25. If we get more applications than this, players will be decided by a lottery. More details are on the Wrap Up section of the character creation form.

Where next?

There are several routes through the wiki and places to go next, depending on what's exciting to you!

  • If it's your first time playing an OURPGSoc Society Game, we recommend reading the New to Roleplaying section.
  • Otherwise, you can head on over to the Creating a Character page, which will walk you through creating a player character for the game.
  • Alternatively, you can find out more about the setting by heading to the pages on Citropolis or The Spark.
  • Finally, Style and Tone will give you an overview of the aesthetic and themes of Origin Story.
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